Whispering Smith (1961)

A short-lived American Western series that originally aired on NBC. It had the same ultimate source material as the 1948 movie of the same title (and some other films), but differs in some significant respects. In the series, Audie Murphy starred as Tom "Whispering" Smith, a 19th-century police detective in Denver, Colorado. Notable Guest Stars: Robert Redford, Harry Carey, Jr., Richard Chamberlain, Clu Gulager, Forrest Tucker and Alan Hale, Jr. The entire series is here.
The Blind Gun
The Grudge
The Devil's Share
Safety Valve
Stain of Justice
The Deadliest Weapon
The Quest
Three for One
Death at Even Money
The Hemp Reeger Case
The Mortal Coil
Cross Cut
Double Edge
The Jodie Tyler Story
Poet and Peasant Case
Dark Circle
Swift Justice
The Idol
String of Circumstances
The Interpreter
The Homeless Wind
Trial of the Avengers
Prayer of a Chance
Hired to Die
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