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Wagon Train (1957-1965)

Wagon Train was a popular western series that ran on both NBC and ABC from September 18th, 1957 through May 2nd, 1965. The show chronicled the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from East to carve out a new life in West in a wagon train making it's way from Missouri to California. The full series is here.
Jane Hawkins
Candy O'Hara
River Crossing
Roger Bigelow
Jeremy Dow
Earl Packer
Patience Miller
Sam Elder
Weight of Command
Prarie Story
Path of the Serpent
Flint McCullough
Beth Pearson
Jed Polke
Nancy Palmer
Christopher Hale
Tiburcio Mendez
Nellie Jefferson
Saul Bevins
Joe Muharich
Duke Shannon
Will Santee
Jim Bridger
Eleanor Culhane
The Chalice
Janet Hale
Fort Anderson
Ah Chong

Season 5
Captain Brady
Kitty Albright

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