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Wagon Train (1957-1965)

Wagon Train was a popular western series that ran on both NBC and ABC from September 18th, 1957 through May 2nd, 1965. The show chronicled the trials and tribulations of pioneering families as they set out from East to carve out a new life in West in a wagon train making it's way from Missouri to California. The full series is here.
Conchita Vasquez
Sister Rita
Matthew Lowry
Swift Cloud
Vincent Eaglewood
Clara Duncan
Duke LeMay
Kate Parker
Steve Campden
Chuck Wooster
Jose Maria Moran
Andrew Hale
Rodney Lawrence
Steele Family
Season 3
C.L. Harding
Estaban Zamora
Elizabeth McQueeny
Cappy Darrin
Felizia Kingdom
Jess MacAbbee
Danny Benedict
Vittorio Botticelli
St. Nicholas
Ruth Marshall
Lita Foladaire
Colonel Harris
Maidie Brandt
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