Thriller (1960-1962)

Thriller (also known as Boris Karloff's Thriller) was an American anthology television series that aired on NBC. The show featured host Boris Karloff introducing a mix of macabre horror tales and suspense thrillers. In addition to serving as the host of the series, Karloff also starred in five episodes: "The Prediction," "The Premature Burial," "The Last of the Sommervilles," "Dialogues With Death," and "The Incredible Doctor Markesan. The entire series is here.
Ordeal of Dr. Cordell
Trio for Terror
Papa Benjamin
Late Date
Jack the Ripper
The Devil's Ticket
Parasite Mansion
A Good Imagination
Mr. George
Terror in Teakwood
Prisoner in the Mirror
Dark Legacy
Pigeons from Hell
The Grim Reaper

Season 2
What Beckoning Ghost?
The Premature Burial
The Weird Tailor
Grante that she Lye Stille
Last Of The Sommervilles

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