Then Came Bronson (1969-1970)

A disillusioned reporter, James "Jim" Bronson, quits his job and starts wandering the road on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a form of soul-searching. He meets various characters. Some he helps, others he educates. The full series is here.
The Runner
Motorcycle Fiasco
Where Abundance Lies
The Circle of Time
Where Will the Trumpets Be?
The Thunderbolt
The 3:13 Arrives at Noon
Old Tigers Never Die
Demolition Derby
2 Percent of Nothing
All the World and God
Long Trip to Yesterday
The Spitball Kid
A Blank Cold Wall
A-Pickin' An' A-Singin'
The Eagle Mind
Undiscovered Country
Tender Grass
Still Waters
The Forest Primeval
99 Mile Circle
The Mary R
An Ark Without Centaurs?

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