The Sandbaggers (1978-1980)

The Sandbaggers was a British spy drama television series about men and women on the front lines of the Cold War. Set contemporaneously with its original broadcast on ITV, The Sandbaggers examines the effect of espionage on the personal and professional lives of British and American intelligence specialists. In the series, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and SIS have a co-operative agreement to share intelligence. Stars: Roy Marsden, Ray Lonnen, Jerome Willis. The full series is here.
Season 1
First Principles
A Proper Function
Journey Really Necessary?
Most Suitable Person
Always Glad to Help
A Feasible Solution
Special Relationship
Season 2
At All Costs
Enough of Ghosts
Decision by Committee
A Question of Loyalty
Couldn't Happen Here
Operation Kingmaker
Season 3
All In a Good Cause
To Hell with Justice
Unusual Approach
My Name is Anna Wiseman
We Play Dirty Too
Who Needs Enemies
Opposite Numbers
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