The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967–1969)

The series starred veteran character actor Walter Brennan as Will Sonnett, and Dack Rambo as his grandson, Jeff, who were searching for Will's son, James. Disgusted with his father's absence due to army business, James had disappeared at the age of seventeen. A few years later, a baby boy was delivered to Will, with a letter identifying him as James' son and explaining that the mother had died in childbirth. James became renowned as a peerless gunfighter. Hearing so much of his father's repute, Jeff decided to find him. Will agreed, and they rode across the West looking for James. The full series is here.
Season 1
Ride the Long Trail
Bell for Jeff Sonnett
Grave for James Sonnett
The Natural Way
Of Lasting Summers
Message at Noon
A Son For A Son
Meeting At Devil's Fork
First Love
The Favor
Ride the Man Down
The Turkey Shoot
Killing Rode into Town
Kill a Sonnett
Sunday in Paradise
Secret of Hangtown Mine
The Hero
What's In a Name
End of the Rope
Lead the Children
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