The Ernie Kovacs Show

The Ernie Kovacs Show is an American comedy show hosted by comedian Ernie Kovacs, first shown in Philadelphia during the early 50s, then nationally. The show appeared in many versions and formats, including daytime, prime-time, late-night, talk show, comedy, and as a summer replacement series. The Ernie Kovacs Show was one of only six TV shows broadcast on all four U.S. television networks during the Golden Age of Television. Ths library contains six complete episodes (so far), plus a number of individual comedy bits.
Full Episodes
July 2, 1956
July 16, 1956
July 30, 1956
August 6, 1956
September 3, 1956
Full Episode (1962)
Edie Adams As Marylin
Disk Chockey
Mack the Knife: Take 1
The Barber of Seville
Whom Dunnit
Schwarze Bart
Mack the Knife: Take 2
Mack the Knife: Take 4
A Kovacs Kitchen
Elephant Hunter
Dinner Symphony
Anticipation of Romance
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