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The Avengers (1961–1969)

The Avengers was a spy-fi British television series. The series initially focused on Dr. David Keel (Ian Hendry) and his assistant John Steed (Patrick MacNee). Hendry left after the first season and Steed became the main character, partnered with a succession of female assistants. Note: Seasons 2 thru 7 are complete. MacNeel reprised the role in the series - The New Avengers in 1976.
Trojan Horse
A Better Mousetrap
Outside-In Man
The Charmers
Esprit De Corps
Lobster Quadrille
Season 4
Town of No Return
The Gravediggers
The Cybernauts
Bargain Prices
Castle Dea'th
The Master Minds
Murder Market
A Surfeit of H2O
Hour That Never Was
A Deadly Number
Man Eaters
Two's a Crowd
Christmas Trees
Silent Dust
Room Without a View
Big Hunters
The Girl from Auntie
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