Tate (1960)

David McLean starred as Tate, who lost the use of his left arm during the American Civil War. Tate's arm is covered in black leather and a glove and supported by a sling. Tate is a widower, but the cause of the death of his wife, Mary, is not specified in the series, although a gunfight seems likely. Tate had left his hometown as a teenager because of such a fight. At the urging of Marshal Morty Taw, whom viewers meet in the pilot episode, "Home Town", Tate arrives to help Taw hang an old childhood friend, played by James Coburn, who has murdered four people. The entire series is here.
The Bounty Hunter
The Mary Hardin Story
Voices of the Town
A Lethal Pride
Comanche Scalps
Before The Sun Up
The Reckoning
The Gunfighters
Quiet After the Storm
The Return of Jessica Jackson
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