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Tarzan (1991-1994)

Tarzan was a French-Canadian-Mexican television series that aired in syndication. In this version of the show, Tarzan (Wolf Larson) was portrayed as a blond environmentalist, with Jane (Lydie Denier) turned into a French ecologist. The series aired in syndication in the United States. These videos are hosted by the Official Film-Rise YouTube channel. Note: According to the TV databases I use to verify episodes, Film-Rise has mislabeled the episode numbers in their collection. So I have posted them in their correct order. The full series is here.
Season 1
The Unwelcome Guest
The Poisoned Waters
The Silent Child
The Bronx
The Picture of Death
Tarzan the Hunted
The Caves of Darkness
The Women of Steel
The River of Doom
The Killer Lion
Tarzan's Christmas
The Orphan
The Mystic Caves
The Pirate Treasure
The Sacred Cave
The Killer's Revenge
Journey to Danger
The Extra-Terrestrials
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