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Sugarfoot (1955–1961)

Sugarfoot was an American Western television series that aired on ABC on Tuesday nights on a "shared" slot basis – rotating with Cheyenne (first season); Cheyenne and Bronco (second season); and Bronco (third season). The series starred Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster, an Easterner who comes to the Oklahoma Territory to become a lawyer. Jack Elam is cast in occasional episodes as sidekick Toothy Thompson. Brewster was a correspondence-school student whose apparent lack of cowboy skills earned him the nickname "Sugarfoot", a designation even below that of a tenderfoot. The full series is here.

Season 3
Trial of the Canary Kid
The Wild Bunch
MacBrewster the Bold
The Gitanos
Canary Kid, Inc.

Outlaw Island
Apollo with a Gun
The Gaucho
Journey to Provision
The Highbinder
Wolf Pack
Blackwater Swamp
Return to Boothill
The Corsican
Blue Bonnet Stray
More Episodes

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