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Sugarfoot (1955–1961)

Sugarfoot was an American Western television series that aired on ABC on Tuesday nights on a "shared" slot basis – rotating with Cheyenne (first season); Cheyenne and Bronco (second season); and Bronco (third season). The series starred Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster, an Easterner who comes to the Oklahoma Territory to become a lawyer. Jack Elam is cast in occasional episodes as sidekick Toothy Thompson. Brewster was a correspondence-school student whose apparent lack of cowboy skills earned him the nickname "Sugarfoot", a designation even below that of a tenderfoot. The full series is here.
Season 2
Ring of Sand
Brink of Fear
The Wizard
The Ghost
The Canary Kid
The Hunted
Yampa Crossing
Devil to Pay
The Desperadoes
The Extra Hand
The Canary Kid
Mysterious Stranger
The Giant Killer
The Royal Raiders
The Mountain
The Twister
The Vultures
The Avengers
Small Hostage
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