Jack Benny (2/8/53)

Steve Allen on What's My Line?

Steve Allen first appeared as a panalist on What's My Line on March 4, 1951, and continued to appear off and on until the late 1960's. The episodes, except for the first one, are listed by the names of the Mystery guests.
1st Time - (3/4/51)
Jack Benny (2/8/53)
Paul Douglas (2/15/53)
Jackie Gleason (3/8/53)
Don Ameche (5/24/53)
Judy Holliday (6/5/53)
Olsen & Johnson (6/21/53)
Fred Allen (8/16/53)
Billy Rose (8/23/53)
Steve Allen (12/27/53)
Ed Wynn (4/18/54)
Spike Jones (7/4/54)
Judy Canova (7/18/54)
Victor Borge (1/29/56)
Tribute to Fred Allen (3/18/56)
Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows (12/23/56)
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