Stagecoach West (1960-1961)

Stagecoach West was an American Western drama series which ran for thirty-eight episodes on the ABC network. Characters Luke Perry (played by Wayne Rogers) and Simon Kane (Robert Bray) operate the Timberland Stage Line from fictitious Outpost, Missouri to San Francisco. Simon's teenage son, David "Davey" Kane (played by Richard Eyer), joins them as they face stagecoach robbers, murderers, inclement weather, and human interest stories. The complete series is here.
High Lonesome
The Land Beyond
Dark Return
The Unwanted
A Fork in the Road
A Time to Run
Red Sand
Saga of Jeremy B
Three Wise Men
By the Deep Six
Finn McColl
Image of a Man
Not in Our Stars
The Arsonist
Songs My Mother Told Me
Root of Evil
The Outcasts
The Remounts
More Episodes

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