Space Patrol (1963–1968)

Space Patrol was a British science-fiction television series featuring marionettes that was produced in 1962 and broadcast beginning in 1963. It was written and produced by Roberta Leigh in association with the Associated British Corporation. The series features the vocal talents of Dick Vosburgh, Ronnie Stevens, Libby Morris, Murray Kash and Ysanne Churchman. This series is also known by its US title Planet Patrol to avoid confusion with the 1950s American live-action series of the same name.
Buried Spaceship
Message from a Star
Explosion on the Sun
Season 2
Unknown Asteroid
Evil Eye of Venus
Secret Formula
Telepathic Robot
Deadly Whirlwind
The Jitter Waves
Sands of Death
Hairy Men of Mars
Grass of Saturn
Forcefield X
The Water Bomb
Destruction by Sound
Shrinking Gas of Jupiter
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