Salvage 1 (1979)

Harry Broderick (Andy Griffith) owns the Jettison Scrap and Salvage Co. and is a specialist in reclaiming trash and junk to sell as scrap. His dream is to recover equipment left on the moon during Apollo Program missions. He invites the former astronaut Addison "Skip" Carmichael (Joel Higgins) and NASA fuel expert Melanie "Mel" Slozar (Trish Stewart) to assist him in this effort. The entire series is here.
Pilot Film
Season 1
Dark Island
Shangri La Lil
Shelter Five
Manderly Mansion
Bugatti Treasure
Golden Orbit P1
Golden Orbit P2
Operation Breakout
Up, Up & Away
Energy Solution
Confederate Gold
Season 2
Hard Water P1
Hard Water P2
Round Up
Harry's Doll
Dry Spell
Diamond Volcano
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