Botch-A-Me (1952)

Rosemary Clooney Musical Shorts

Rosemary Clooney appeared on literally hundreds of TV shows over the course of a 50+ year career, as the star, as guest, and many of those performances have been isolated as single song videos. So here is a library of those "Shorts", designated by the name of the songs.
Marrying For Love (1950s)
Botch-A-Me (1952)
It's Only a Paper Moon (1956)
September in the Rain (1956)
You Belong to Me (1956)
I'll Be Seeing You (1956)
How About You (1956)
Mangos (1957)
Hey There (1957)
Have you Met Miss Jones? (1957)
You Started Something (1959)
This Ole House (1980s)
White Christmas (1983)
It's De-lovely (1983)
Our Love Is Here To Stay (1981)
April in Paris (1984)
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