Gauntlet: Tiger Wood vs The Tick


Robotica was a robot combat show (similar to the early seasons of Robot Wars) produced for the American television cable channel TLC, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel. Robotica was a little different in that the fighting floor was laid out more like an obsticle course, rather than an arena. Three seasons of Robotica were produced, with the final season beginning in late 2002.

Ultra-Violence vs Fury
Hammerhead vs Mini-Rip
Pangolin vs Nemo's Nemesis
Rambot vs Dark Track
Viper Revisition 2/Particle Accelerator
Rambot vs Viper Revision 2
Panzer MK 3 vs Juggerbot 3.0

Tiger Wood vs The Tick
Hammerhead vs Mini-Rip
Jawbreaker's Revenge vs BuzzBomb
Pangolin vs Nemo's Nemesis
Viper Revision 2/Particle Accelerator
Panzer MK 3 vs Rambot
Terror vs Zeus

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