Chapter 01 - The God Horse of Sujan

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935)

Rex, a sacred horse, is kidnapped from the Island of Sujan, and Rinty, the dog, sets out to rescue him. Starring Rex ("The King of Wild Horses") and canine actor Rin Tin Tin, Jr.

Chapter 01 - The God Horse of Sujan
Chapter 02 - Sport of Kings
Chapter 03 - Fangs of Flame
Chapter 04 - Homeward Bound
Chapter 05 - Babes in the Woods
Chapter 06 - Dead Man's Tale

Chapter 07 - End of the Road
Chapter 08 - A Dog's Devotion
Chapter 09 - The Stranger's Recall
Chapter 10 - The Siren of Death
Chapter 11 - New Gods for Old
Chapter 12 - Primitive Justice

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