The Range Rider (1951–1953)

Jock Mahoney played the title character in 79 black-and-white 30-minute episodes, along with partner Dick West, played by Dick Jones. The character had no name other than Range Rider and his reputation for fairness, fighting ability and accuracy with his guns was known far and wide, even by Indians. Produced by Gene Autry.
Season 1
Rainbow's End
Right of Way
The Crooked Fork
Broken Bow
Pony Express
Season 2
The Fatal Bullet
The Blind Trail
Rustlers Range
Shotgun Stage
The Red Raven
Renegade Ranch
Law of the Frontier
Season 3
Indian War Party
Bad Men of Rimrock
Saga of Silver Town
Cherokee Roundup
Santa Dolores
The Holy Terror
Western Edition
More Episodes

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