Overland Trail (1960)

Overland Trail is an American Western series starring William Bendix and Doug McClure which aired on NBC from February 7 to June 6, 1960. Bendix portrayed Frederick Thomas "Fred" Kelly, fictitious superintendent of the Overland Stage Company. McClure appeared as Frank "Flip" Flippen, Bendix's young associate. Overland Trail aired opposite Lassie and Dennis the Menace on CBS and Walt Disney Presents and Maverick on ABC. Overland Trail left the air on September 11, 1960, after summer rebroadcasts. It was replaced by the last season of NBC's Shirley Temple's Storybook. The entire series is here.
Perilous Passage
The O'Mara's Ladies
West of Boston
The High Bridge
Westbound Stage
All the O'Mara's Horses
Daughter of the Sioux
Lawyer in Petticoats
The Vigilantes of Montana
Fire in the Hole
Mission into Mexico
First Stage to Denver
Sour Annie
The Baron Comes Back
Escort Detail
The Reckoning
Most Dangerous Gentleman
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