My Friend Flicka (1955-1956)

Set in Montana about 1900, this was a story about young Ken McLaughlin and his horse Flicka. Ken lived on a ranch with his parents Rob and Nell and the ranch-hand Gus and had many an adventure. Stars: Gene Evans, Anita Louise, Johnny Washbrook. The series was filmed in color, but initially released in black and white, All but one of these are in color. The entire series is here.
The Cameraman
Old Danny
Rough and Ready
Royal Carriage
Mister Goblin
Rebels in Hiding
Lock Stock and Barrel
The Unmasking
Refuge for the Night
Against All Odds
The Old Champ
The Medicine Man
When Bugles Blow
The Recluse
The Foundlings
Growing Pains
The Lost River
Big Red
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