Meeting of Minds

Steve Allen originally created the concept for Meeting of Minds in the late 1950s. He intended to broadcast it as a segment of his weekly The Steve Allen Show television program but the show's sponsor, The Chrysler Corporation, raised objections and the segment plans were cancelled. Five years later, however, Allen and an acting troupe finally performed the segment on Allen's nightly Westinghouse show. Then, in 1971, Allen attempted to revive the concept as part of a syndicated talk series. The first episode was a critical success, and the program won three local Emmy awards. Allen then personally financed the development of six additional one-hour programs, which were ultimately produced by PBS beginning in 1977.
Queen Cleopatra P1 (1977)
Queen Cleopatra P2 (1977)
Emily Dickinson (1977)
St. Augustine (1979)
William Shakesphere (1979)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1979)
Civilized Discourse (1991)
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