Land of the Lost (1974–1977)

Land of the Lost details the adventures of the Marshall family (father Rick, and his children Will and Holly) who are trapped in an alternate universe inhabited by dinosaurs, a primate-type people called Pakuni, and aggressive humanoid/lizard creatures called Sleestak. The episode storylines focus on the family's efforts to survive and find a way back to their own world, but the exploration of the exotic inhabitants of the Land of the Lost is also an ongoing part of the story. The entire series is here.
Season 2
Tar Pit
The Zarn
Fair Trade
One of Our Pylons
The Test
Gravity Storm
The Longest Day
The Pylon Express
Nice Day
Baby Sitter
The Musician
Split Personality
Season 3
Survival Kit
The Orb
Flying Dutchman
Hot-Air Artist
Abominable Snowman
Ancient Guardian
Medicine Man
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