Lancer (1968–1970)

Lancer is an American Western series that aired on CBS from September 24, 1968, to June 23, 1970. The series stars Andrew Duggan, James Stacy and Wayne Maunder as a father with two half-brother sons, an arrangement similar to the more successful Bonanza on NBC. The entire series is here.
Season 2
Blind Man's Bluff
Zee Lancer
The Kid
The Black Angel
The Gifts
Cut the Wolf Loose
Hoskins' American Dream
Welcome to Genesis
A Person Unkown
Scarecrow at Hackett's
Darling of the Sierras
Shadow of a Dead Man
Blue Skies for Willie Sharp
The Lorelei
Lion and the Lamb
The Experiment
Splinter's Group
Lamp in the Wilderness
The Buscaderos
Dream of Falcons
Goodbye Lizzie
The Rivals
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