The Adventures of Kit Carson

Western series that aired in syndication from August 1951 to November 1955, originally sponsored by Coca-Cola. It starred Bill Williams in the title role as frontier scout Christopher "Kit" Carson. Don Diamond co-starred as "El Toro", Carson's Mexican companion.
Season 2
Snake River Trapper
Black Springs
Danger Hill
Fort Hazard
Outlaw Paradise
Powder Smoke Trail
Trouble In Tuscarora
Trail to Old Sonora
Road to Destiny
Border City
Roaring Challenge
The Range Master
Thunder Over Inyo
Pledge To Danger
Golden Trap
Singing Wires
Mojave Desperados
Highway to Doom
Broken Spur
Ventura Feud
Bad Men of Marysville
Claim Jumpers
Mask of the Vigilantes
More Episodes

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