The Adventures of Kit Carson

Western series that aired in syndication from August 1951 to November 1955, originally sponsored by Coca-Cola. It starred Bill Williams in the title role as frontier scout Christopher "Kit" Carson. Don Diamond co-starred as "El Toro", Carson's Mexican companion.
Season 1
Prince of Padua Hills
Road to Monterey
The Padre's Treasure
The Murango Story
Riders of Capistrano
Enemies of the West
Law Of The Six Guns
Devil of Angels Camp
Law of the Frontier
Road to El Dorado
Fury at Red Gulch
Outlaws of Manzanita
The Desperate Sheriff
The Hero of Hermosa
Ticket to Mexico
Return of Trigger Dawson
The Teton Tornado
Badman of Brisco
Spoilers of California
Feud in San Filipe
Border Corsairs
Bandit's Blade
Marauder of Madera
More Episodes

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