Jungle Jim (1955-1956)

Jungle Jim was an American TV series based on the Jungle Jim comic strip. It starred Johnny Weissmuller, who had previously played the character a series of sixteen theatrically released Jungle Jim feature films after he left the Tarzan film series for which he is best remembered. The full series is here.
Man Killer
Land of Terror
Treasure of the Amazon
Lagoon of Death
A Fortune in Ivory
Jungle Justice
The Eyes of Minobo
The King's Ghost
White Magic
The Deadly Idol
The Leopard's Paw
Man from Zanzibar
Precious Cargo
The Golden Parasol
The Code of the Jungle
Wild Man of the Jungle
Safari Into Danger
Blood Money
Striped Fury
Sacred Scarab
Voodoo Drums
The Avenger
Return of the Tauregs
The Silver Locket
Gift of Evil
Power of Darkness

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