Johnny Ringo (1959–1960)

Johnny Ringo was a Western television series starring Don Durant that aired on CBS. It is loosely based on the life of the notorious gunfighter and outlaw Johnny Ringo, also known as John Peters Ringo or John B. Ringgold, who tangled with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Buckskin Franklin Leslie. The entire series is here.
The Accused
Killing for Cully
The Hunters
The Posse
Ghost Coach
Dead Wait
The Rain Man
The Cat
Love Affair
Kid with a Gun
Bound Boy
East Is East
The Poster Incident
Die Twice
Four Came Quietly
The Liars
Mrs. Ringo
The Assassins
Reno Brothers
The Raffertys
Uncertain Vengeance
Border Town
The Gunslinger
The Vindicator
Black Harvest
Judgement Day
The Killing Bug
Soft Cargo
Single Debt
The Stranger
The Derelict
Shoot the Moon
Choose a Card
Coffin Sam
Lobo Lawman

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