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The Jeffersons (1975-1985)

The Jeffersons was an American sitcom television series that was broadcast on CBS. The Jeffersons is one of the longest-running sitcoms, the second-longest-running American series with a primarily African American cast. The show focuses on George and Louise Jefferson, a prosperous African-American couple who have been able to move from Queens to Manhattan owing to the success of George's dry-cleaning chain. The show was launched as the second spin-off of All in the Family.
Season 6
The Announcement
A Short Story
Louise's Old Boyfriend
Where's Papa?
Expectant Father
Joltin' George
Louise vs. Florence
The Cuckoo's Nest
Brother Tom
The Arrival P1
The Arrival P2
The Shower
The Longest Day
George's Birthday
Night to Remembe
The Loan
Louise Takes a Stand
Once Upon a Time

Season 7
Put It On
Florence's Cousin
All I Want for Christmas

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