Iron Horse (1966–1968)

Iron Horse was an American Western television series that appeared on ABC and featured Dale Robertson as fictional gambler-turned-railroad baron Ben Calhoun. Costars included Gary Collins, Robert Random and Ellen Burstyn. The film's pilot was released as the film Scalplock. The plot centered on Calhoun's poker game-win of the incomplete Buffalo Pass, Scalplock, & Defiance Railroad and his wide-ranging attempts to finish the line despite obstacles that were ever-present.
The Execution
Death by Triangulation
The Golden Web
Sister Death
Season 2
Grapes of Grass Valley
Leopards Try
Return of Hode Avery
Four Guns to Scalplock
Steel Chain to a Music Box
Six Hours to Sky High
T is for Traitor
Dealer's Choice
Wild Track
Death Has Two Faces
Dry Run to Glory
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