Hopalong Cassidy (TV Series)

Anticipating television's rise, Boyd spent $350,000 to purchase the rights to the Hopalong Cassidy character, books and films. In 1949, he approached the fledgling NBC television network. The initial broadcasts were so successful that NBC could not wait for a television series to be produced and simply reedited the old feature films down to broadcast length. On June 24, 1949, Hopalong Cassidy became the first network Western television series. The entire series is here.
Black Waters
Blind Encounter
The Promised Land
The Vanishing Herd
Black Sheep
Lawless Legacy
Season 2
The Devil's Idol
The Sole Survivor
The Valley Raiders
Twisted Trails
The Last Laugh
The Jinx Wagon
Illegal Entry
Gypsy Destiny
Arizona Troubleshooters
Death by Proxy
Frontier Law
Don't Believe in Ghosts
The Renegade Press
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