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The High Chaparral (1965–1969)

The show revolved around "Big John" Cannon, a rancher living in the dry desert of southern Arizona Territory, near the Mexican border in Apache Indian country in the 1870s. He runs the ranch, called "The High Chaparral" (named for a local plant/brush), with his brother Buck and John's son Billy Blue (known as "Blue Boy"). Stars: Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow.
Season 2
The Stallion
Ten Little Indians
Follow Your Heart
Tornado Frances
The Covey
Promised Land
North to Tucson
The Deceivers
About to Receive
Way of Justice
Lady of Guadalupe
Sea of Enemies
Shadow of the Wind
No Irish Need Apply
Last Hundred Miles
The Glory Soldiers
Once on a Day
Stinky Flanagan
Fella Named Kilroy
No Bugles, No Drums
The Lion Sleeps
The Love of Carlos
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