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The High Chaparral (1965–1969)

The show revolved around "Big John" Cannon, a rancher living in the dry desert of southern Arizona Territory, near the Mexican border in Apache Indian country in the 1870s. He runs the ranch, called "The High Chaparral" (named for a local plant/brush), with his brother Buck and John's son Billy Blue (known as "Blue Boy"). Stars: Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow.
Season 1
Destination Tucson
The Arrangement
Ghost of Chaparral
Quiet Day in Tucson
Young Blood
Shadows on the Land
The Filibusteros
Doctor from Dodge
Sudden Country
A Hanging Offense
Price of Revenge
Widow from Red Rock
Mark of the Turtle
The Terrorist
The Firing Wall
The Assassins
Where You Leave It
The Kinsman
The Western World
The Savage Land
Bad Day
Tiger by the Tail
The Peacemaker
The Hair Hunter
A Joyful Noise
Threshold of Courage
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