Harbor Command (1957-1958)

Harbor Command was an American police series that was syndicated from October 11, 1957, to July 4, 1958. The series stared Wendell Corey as Captain Ralph Baxter, an officer of the Harbor Police of a large coastal city (the city is unnamed, but much of the series was filmed in San Francisco and San Diego). All 39 episodes of the series are here.
Camphor Tubes
Murder on Pier 7
Boat Bomb
The Bag
Fisherman's League
Frightened Witness
The Assassin
Counterfeit Money
Final Score
Dead on 'B' Deck
Ransom at Sea
Floating Transmitter
Illegal Entry
Yacht Club
Trapped Pilings
Harbor Mission
Gold Smugglers
Contraband Diamonds
The Big Hoax
The Witness
Killer on My Doorstep
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