F Troop (1965–1967)

F Troop was a satirical American television sitcom about U.S. soldiers and American Indians in the Wild West during the 1860s that originally aired for two seasons on ABC. The series played fast and loose with historical events and persons, and often parodied them for comical effect. Stars Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Ken Berry.
Season 2
The Singing Mountie
Reach for the Sky
The Great Troop Robbery
Yellow Bird
Corporal Agarn
Miss Parmenter
Wilton, The Kid
Wrongo Starr
Survival of the Fittest
The Dancing Girls
The Loco Brothers
Karate With Love
Sergeant and The Kid
Another Color
V Is For Vampire
They Shot Agarn
Got The Guns?
Fort Courage Style
Brave In F Troop
Is this Fort Really Necessary!
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