F Troop (1965–1967)

F Troop was a satirical American television sitcom about U.S. soldiers and American Indians in the Wild West during the 1860s that originally aired for two seasons on ABC. The series played fast and loose with historical events and persons, and often parodied them for comical effect. Stars Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Ken Berry.
Season 1
Scourge of the West
Don't Look Now
Farewell To The Troops
The Return Of Bald Eagle
Dirge For The Scourge
Girl From Philadelphia
Old Ironpants
Me Heap Big Injun
A Girdled Cage
Honest Injun
O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly
The 86 Proof Spring
The Lady In Black
El Diablo
Go For Broke
The New I.G.
Spy, Counterspy
Play, Gypsy, Play
Reunion for O'Rourke
Captain Parmenter
Indian Fever
Fort's Best Friend
The Real Captain
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