September 9, 1956

Ernie Kovacs on What's My Line

Kovacs had a short stint as a celebrity panelist on What's My Line?, but took his responsibilities less than seriously, often eschewing a legitimate question for the sake of a laugh. An example: Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, the founder of the automobile company, was the program's "mystery guest." Previous questioning had established that the mystery guest's name was synonymous with an automobile brand, Kovacs asked, "Are you – and this is just a wild guess – but are you Abraham Lincoln?"—a reference to the Ford Motor Company's brand of luxury automobile. The first episode below is Kovacs only appearance on the show as the Mystery Guest.
September 9, 1956
August 25, 1957
September 1, 1957
September 29, 1957
October 6, 1957
Octber 13, 1957
November 3, 1957
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