Food Will Win the War

Disney WWII Films

Disney Studios began making films for the Canadian Government in 1941, then made it's first films for the US Government the following year. Many of them were anti-Nazi propoganda films, others were related to health and well being of the American paoeple and our allies abroad. Many of these are partially, or fully animated films.
All Together (1941)
Donald's Decision (1941)
Seven Wise Dwarfs (1941)
The Thrifty Pig (1941)
The New Spirit (1942)
Out of the Frying Pan (1942)
Victory Through Air Power (1942)
Stop That Tank! (1942)
Food Will Win the War (1942)
Der Fuehrer's Face (1942)
Defense Against Invasion (1943)
FLAK (1943)
The Spirit of '43 (1943)
Dental Health (1945)
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