Buick Berle Show with Jackie Cooper (1953)

Dagmar's Other TV Appearances

Dagmar became one of the leading personalities of early 1950s live television, doing sketch comedy on Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater, The Bob Hope Show and other shows. In 1951, she made a guest appearance with Frank Sinatra, prompting Columbia Records producer Mitch Miller to record a novelty duet with Frank and Dagmar. That same year, she was featured in a Life cover story with Alfred Eisenstaedt's photo of her on the July 16, 1951 issue.
Broadway Open House (1950)
The Frank Sinatra Show (1951)
Broadway Open House (1951)
Who Said That? (1953)
Buick Berle Show with Jackie Cooper (1953)
Masquerade Party (1955)
Dollar a Second (1955)
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