Cowboy G-Men (1952-1953)

Cowboy G-Men is an American Western series that aired in syndication for a total of thirty-nine episodes. Russell Hayden and former child actor Jackie Coogan star as Pat Gallagher and Stoney Crockett, respectively, a pair of government agents operating in the American West. Television actor Phil Arnold portrayed Zerbo, a sometimes associate of Gallagher and Crockett.
Ozark Gold
Chinaman's Chance
The Golden Wolf
Secret Mission
Chippewa Indians
Center Fire
Beware! No Trespassing
Running Iron
Bounty Jumpers
Salted Mines
Mysterious Decoy
Ridge of Ghosts
Hang the Jury
Silver Shotgun
The Run Down
General Delivery
Gypsy Traders
Safe Crackers
Silver Fraud
Hush Money
Ghost Town Mystery
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