Circus Boy (1956-1957)

After his parents, "The Flying Falcons", were killed in a trapeze accident, young Corky (Mickey Braddock, later known as Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees) was adopted by Joey the Clown (Noah Beery, Jr.), and the whole Burke and Walsh Circus family. The young lad quickly found a role in the circus as water boy to Bimbo, a baby elephant. Riding Bimbo's back, Corky dealt with adolescent problems, and helped the show's adults keep the circus in the black as the show moved from town to town each week. The Full series is here.
Man from Cimarron
Great Gambini's Son
Corky's Big Parade
Lady and the Circus
Counterfeit Clown
The Pawnee Strip
The Cub Reporter
General Pete
The Tumbling Clown
Death Defying Dozetti
Colonel Jack's Brother
The Swamp Man
Hortense the Hippo
The Fortune Teller
The Gentle Giant
Little Vagabond
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