Cimarron Strip (1967–1968)

The series is set in the late 1880s in the Cimarron Territory, which would become the Oklahoma Panhandle in 1890. The Cherokee Outlet across the Cimarron River was the last free homestead land in America. It was leased and controlled by cattlemen, and the newly arriving farmers were expecting authorities in Washington to send news that they would be given rights to the land, for which they had been campaigning. U.S. Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman), who led a rather wild life and had cleaned up Abilene, was assigned to the town of Cimarron. The entire series is here.
Season 1
Journey to a Hanging
Legend of Jud Starr
Broken Wing
The Battleground
The Hunted
Battle of Bloody Stones
The Roarer
The Search
Till the End of Night
Beast that Walks Like a Man
The Last Wolf
The Deputy
The Judgement
Fool's Gold
Knife in the Darkness
Sound of a Drum
Big Jessie
The Blue Moon Train
Without Honor
The Greeners

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