Cavalcade of Stars

Gleason's first variety series was aired on the DuMont Television Network under the title Cavalcade of Stars which first aired June 4, 1949. The show's first host was Jack Carter, who was followed by Jerry Lester. After Lester quit in June 1950, Jackie Gleason—who had made his mark on the first television incarnation of The Life of Riley sitcom—stepped into Cavalcade on July 15, 1950, and became an immediate sensation.
Full Episodes
Unknown Date
April 22, 1950
June 3, 1950
August 26, 1950
September 22, 1950
October 10, 1951
October 26, 1951
Partial Programs
Jerry Lester
Schaller Brothers
Arthur Clodfrey
Victor Borge
Jackie Robinson
Vivian Blaine
9/2/50 - 9/19/50
Fragments from 2 shows
Reggie Van Gleason III (1)
Reggie Van Gleason III (2)
The Loudmouth
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