Buffalo Bill, Jr. (1955-1956)

Buffalo Bill Jr. starring Dick Jones as Buffalo Bill Jr. , Nancy Gilbert as Calamity & Harry Cheshire as Judge Ben (Fair and Square) Wiley. The series is set in southwestern Texas near the Rio Grande River, the boundary with Mexico. Jones plays Buffalo Bill, Jr., with Nancy Gilbert as his younger sister, Calamity, who at the age of twelve is training to be a telegraph operator at the station at nearby Wiley Junction.
Fight for Geronimo
Runaway Renegade
Empire Pass
Trail of the Killer
The Black Ghost
The Death of Johnny Ringo
Boomer's Blunder
The Rain Wagon
Tough Tenderfoot
First Posse
Hooded Vengeance
The Calico Kid
Pawnee Stampede
Grave of the Monsters
Lucky Horseshoe
Redskin Gap
The Legacy of Jesse James
The Devil's Washbowl
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