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Bronco (1958-1962)

Bronco was a Western series on ABC. It was shown by the BBC in the United Kingdom. The program starred Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne, a former Confederate officer who wandered the Old West, meeting such well-known individuals as Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Theodore Roosevelt, Belle Starr, Cole Younger, and John Wesley Hardin. Bronco premiered in the fall of 1958 when actor Clint Walker walked on on the series Cheyenne. Bronco at first alternated with another Western series, Sugarfoot, featuring Will Hutchins. When Walker came back to his series, Bronco became a spin-off of Cheyenne. The full series is here.
Shadow of a Man
Hero of the Town
Red Water North

Season 2
The Beacon Club

The Burning Springs
The Soft Answer
The Last Resort
The Devil's Spawn
Flight from an Empire
Night Train to Denver
Shadow of Jesse James
Volunteers from Aberdeen
Every Man a Hero
Death of an Outlaw
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