Black Saddle (1959–1960)

Black Saddle was an American Western television series starring Peter Breck that aired on NBC. Detailed in the second episode of season two ("The Saddle"), series star Peter Breck's character, Clay Culhane, is a gunfighter who became a lawyer after his two brothers were killed in a bushwhack. Clay was seriously injured, but survived thanks to a man called McKinney, who nursed him back to health, and who turns out to be a former judge, who retired after sentencing one of his own sons to death for murder.
Season 1
Client: Travers
Client: McQueen
Client: Dawes
Client: Tagger
Client: Robinson
Client: Martinez
Client: Steele
Client: Mowery
Client: Jessup
Client: Frome
Client Nelson
Client: Brand
Client: Reynolds
Season 2
The Freebooters
Apache Trail
The Saddle
The Long Rider
The Hotel
Client: Peter Warren
The Freight Line
Four from Stillwater
The Deal
Change of Venue
Blood Money
The Killer
More Episodes

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