The Betty Hutton Show (1959-60)

The Betty Hutton Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS's Thursday night schedule. The series, which was originally entitled Goldie, would retain its original title during its syndication run. Hutton stars as Goldie, a showgirl-turned-manicurist. One of Goldie's regular customers is a millionaire, Mr. Strickland. After Mr. Strickland suddenly dies, Goldie discovers that he has left everything he owns, including his 60 million dollar fortune and his three children, to her.
Goldie Crosses the Tracks
Goldie Goes Broke
Art for Goldie's Sake
Love Comes to Goldie
Roy Runs Away
Goldie and the Tycoon
Rosemary' s Romance
The Seaton Story
Gullible Goldie
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