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3rd Rock from the Sun (1996-2001)

A group of aliens are sent to Earth, disguised as a human family, to experience and report life on the 3rd planet from the sun. Stars: John Lithgow, Jane Curtain, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. All the episodes here are from Dailymotion, sorry about the commercials.

Season 4
Dr. Solomon's Alien Show
Power Mad Dick
Feelin' Albright
Collect Call for Dick
What's Love Got to Do?
Dick Pentameter!
D3: Judgement Day
Indecent Dick
Happy New Dick!

Two-Faced Dick
Indiana Solomons
Dick and Taxes
Sally Forth
Paranoid Dick
House that Dick Built
Superstitious Dick
Dick the Mouth Solomon
Citizen Solomon
Alien Hunter
Dick vs Strudwick
Near Dick Experience
Big Giant Headache P1
Big Giant Headache P2
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